Tips For Endurance Rides from GCN

 Endurance riding has become quite popular.  But it doesn’t make it any easier.

Being out in the bike 5-7 hours in one day takes a lot of preparation, mental energy.  Make sure you don’t start out riding too fast.  In order to enjoy your ride make sure your start conservatively.  Fueling is essential.  Make sure you have proper nutrition and hydration.   Carbs and protein prior to the ride.  Double check all your equipment, to make sure you avoid any mechanical difficulties.

Clothing and equipment can make a huge difference.  Aerodynamics is not something you can feel, but you will be putting out more effort to go the same distance.   Aero wheels, tight fitting clothing, and properly inflated tires makes a huge difference the long the ride.  Wheels, frame, helmets, and kit make small gains, however when you add those up together and over the course of 5+ hours it can make a huge difference.

Check out this awesome video from GCN on Long Distance Endurance Riding

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