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Sherman Branch Winter Ride – Dropper Post for the win!

We enjoyed an awesome ride on Sherman Branch recently just outside of Charlotte, NC off Albemarle Rd and 485.  Its a great local track with some fun flowy sections on the roller coaster loop as well as some rolling hills for a strong cardio workout.   We were testing out a Rocky Mountain Element with some new Ardent tires and also first time on a dropper post.

If you haven’t tried a dropper post yet, its one of the best upgrades you can make to a mountain bike for only a few hundred dollars.  It makes quite a significant difference being able to get lower on the downhills and keep the center of gravity down.    One click and the post drops down for descents.  One click up and and its right back where you need it for pedaling and climbing.  And the variable (middle position) was nice for mixed sections.

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