Ride the Rockies- Here We Come – First stop Nashville

Great day for Yellow Bike Tours!  Ride the Rockies here we come.  We have 24 hour drive from Charlotte NC to Breckenridge, CO.   The van and trailer are packed and times to hit the road for one of our favorite bikes tours of the year.  We hit the road from our home base in Charlotte, NC and headed through the Blue Ridge Mountains and took a quick impromptu bike tour through the Great Smoky National Park and got a few miles under our belt up to Big Creek Country Store.   We jumped back in the car for a few hours drive and made our way to Barbara’s Home Cooking a Nashville classic for dinner with some long time friends.   If you get a chance to stop in Nashville you have to stop at Barbara’s for the fried chicken and the homemade banana cooking.

Our destination is Breckenridge, Colorado for Ride the Rockies 2018.

Riders will be arriving into Denver Airport on June 8 and then transport up to Gold Point Resort for pre-ride acclimation and ride registration.

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