General Review 

We’ve been seeing this app called start to show up in our social media feeds so we decided to check it out for ourselves a recent road bike ride. allows you to relive and share your cyling xperiences  Its a pretty slick app interface that connects to Strava.   At the conclusion of you ride a few hours after you post your ride to Strava, its automatically emails you an aerial flyover view of your ride with step by step turns and even highlights your top speed, photos uploading based on geo-tagging in your phone,    While its only available for road cycling now I would imagine you will see this available for mountain biking, trail running, hiking, walking etc.

I am imagining a lot of uses for this at larger rides like where ride organizers are trying to encourage engagement and capture live photo moments on the ride and where they occurred on the map.  Two thumbs up for

Here’s a video of my last ride of the year of 2016 around the local roads near our office.

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