Cycling Event Fundraising Tips

Yellow Bike Tours Fundraising Tips

Follow these steps to ensure your fundraiser efforts will be successful on your next ride.

Set a Fundraising Goal

Make sure you set a fundraising goal on your profile page. Your friends will be more likely to sponsor you if they know you have a personal goal...and they'll help you achieve it. The higher your fundraising goal, the more support you'll receive from your friends, family and colleagues.

Customize Your Fundraising Profile Page

Yellow Bike Tours will set up a specific fundraising page with your bio, your ride, your team and the cause you are riding for. Tell your story, upload your photo and keep your sponsors updated throughout your challenge to share your journey to raise funds and awareness for your cause. Share your personal story and the goal you hope to achieve, and then let people make their own decision to sponsor you. If you never ask for support, how will people know to support you?

Send an Email

Send an email to your friends, family and work colleagues to tell them about your personal challenge to fight kids' cancer! Not sure what to write? We have a range of pre-written email templates for you to use that include your personal details to make it easy for you to send out.

Get Social...on Facebook, Instagram etc.

Facebook is the perfect channel to communicate your goal, update your friends and ask for support. Here are some simple ways to use Facebook for your challenge: ​ Customize your Facebook profile. Upload your very own personalized profile pic and timeline image to tell everyone about your challenge to ride in your event. Post regular status updates. Post weekly updates through your Facebook page to communicate your personal progress to your friends and family. Send a personal message. Send a personal message through Facebook to ask specific friends for their support - there's a good chance they would have already seen your status updates but it's nice to be personally asked!

Getting Started with Fundraising

Yellow Bike Tours wants to help you with your fundraising goals for your next ride!  Check out the fundraising tips below to ensure you reach your fundraising goal.

We Provide You A Proven Plan

Our plans are designed to fit your goals and what works.

We Give Your the Tools

We provide you an easy way to help promote your ride and your cause.

We Support You Pre and Post Ride

We are there with you each step of the way to answer questions and support you as you ride.

What Our Riders are Saying....

Thanks to YBT and Ride the Rockies, RUF at UVM was able to attract more than a dozen new donors and raise $24,000 in new support. This new support proves incredibly valuable—it puts us on sounder financial footing and provides some momentum as we enter the new academic year. We are profoundly grateful for this support as well as the support we received from YBT. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
John Meinen