About Us

The Yellow Bike that started it all...


Here at Yellow Bike Tours we are absolutely passionate about great adventures by bicycle and we are are committed to seeking out the very best in everything for our guests – from the big picture to the smallest detail. Our ultimate goal is driven by a spirit of fun and adventure that permeates every trip. We are there each step of the way so you can get the most out of your cycling experience.

We founded Yellow Bike Tours on a shoestring and a dream – to share the love of travel and cycling, and to inspire others to see the world with wonder and joy by bicycle.


The Story Behind the "Yellow Bike"

We are a family first. A husband, wife, a couple kids, a bunch of bikes, a mortgage and a dream. Our dream is to help others experience that same joy we had when we first began to see the world by bicycle.

Its hard to believe but nearly a decade ago I had never really ridden a bike much. Most of my athletic time as a youth and in college was spent on the soccer field. But little did I know that would soon change. See, I met a girl. She was from the mountains of Colorado. She was tall, athletic and loved to ride bikes. At that point I quickly fell in love with "cycling." I was young and ambitious but had very little money to my name and I sure didn't own a bike. So I remember taking nearly all the money from my savings account and I walked nervously into the bike shop. Amidst bikes worth much more than my 1996 Volvo station wagon, I saw it: The Yellow Bike

It was a bright yellow bike. I knew it was the one.

Needless to say this story does end happily ever after. I ended up marrying that girl and a couple kids later and through the ups and downs of life I've ridden that Yellow Bike from the beaches of South Carolina to the the snowcapped peaks of Colorado Rockies and we invite you into that same adventure.

At Yellow Bike:

  • We believe in the power of adventure.
  • We believe in the power of challenging ourselves.
  • We believe that some of the best rewards in life come at the top of a big climb.
  • We believe that the ride is much more enjoyable with good friends.
  • We believe that there are few things better than the sun rising on an open road.